Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Open Philosophy

The writings in this blog are based on the principles of Open Philosophy. The principles of Open Philosophy are as follows:

1) It is not possible to know anything with absolute certainty.

2) Knowledge is a model of reality, not reality itself.

3) Not all knowledge is equal.

4) Knowledge should be tested and compared to the extent that it can be.

5) Language is capable of error and contradiction therefore, where possible, knowledge should be tested against experience as well as reason.

6) The less capable an area of knowledge is of being tested, the more tolerance there should be of differences of belief.

7) Tolerance of a belief is not acceptance of it.

8) Knowledge cannot be separated from its use.

9) The use of knowledge should be tempered by its level of certainty and consequences

10) Systems of knowledge should be capable of accepting new knowledge as it emerges.

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